KbdKaz 500

KbdKaz 500 1.3

Multilanguage keyboard layout compatible with US layout labels


  • Intuitive access to symbols and accents, while keeping existing symbols in common places.
  • Changing languages from e.g. German to Spanish, leaves all extra symbols and accents in the same place. No need to learn where is for example '\' key.


  • Only 4 languages, only QWERTY layout.

Extended keyboard layout with easy access to 800 symbols and letters.

The idea of this keyboard layout is using standard keyboard with US layout labels. Besides common characters drawed on the keys, you can access additional 700 letters and symbols.

The important fact is you don't need to remember where is the character you want to obtain. All you need is to look at the keyboard, recall a few simple rules, and you momentarily know which keys to press. You can use KbdKaz 500 in your everyday work, it coexist with standard way of entering characters.

KbdKaz 500 is NOT an additional program, keyboard filter, etc. It is a set of character tables encapsulated in .dll file JUST THE SAME as system keyboard layouts in Windows.

This method of changing keyboard layout is safe, because there are no additional programs, keyboard filters, network access to web pages, etc..

You can enable KbdKaz 500 like any other keyboard layout, using existing Windows tools.

KbdKaz 500


KbdKaz 500 1.3

User reviews about KbdKaz 500

  • by Anonymous

    Excellent application.
    It has all I need, and it is still compatible with normal US keyboard, and keabords switc...   More